What is SEO Article Writing?

SEO Article Writing.  What is SEO (or search engine optimization) article writing? – a common question that intrigues a lot and shrugged by some. For some it’s who cares so long as you’ve chosen the right keywords and done your promotions. But for those wanting to squeeze the juice out of an article to make it pleasing in the eyes of the search engines then here’s a lowdown:

  • Your main keyword in the title tag plus a variation of your main keyword (i.e. Blue Widgets | Blue Widgets Guide) – (variation no longer required post Penguin)
  • Your keywords as post tags
  • Your keyword in your header .  Your main keyword in the page header (H1 tag) plus secondary keywords in subtitles (H2, H3 tags) (optional)
  • Your primary keyword in your 1st and last  sentence (pref. in bold and italics)
  • Your main keyword in your search widget box (optional)
  • An image with your article and your main or variation of your main keyword as an image title tag
  • A keyword density of  about 2 %  (no longer required post Penguin)

For the most part, when paying for an SEO article writing service what that can mean is they simply repeat your chosen keyword in the article several times 🙂

If you wish to go deeper then it’s time to analyze the content of  the sites currently ranking for your chosen keyword in the search engine results pages  (SERPS).  I use a SEO article writing software for keyword or theme extraction  called Keyword Theme Extractor, which basically scans the search engine results for your given keyword and tells you what keywords your competition is using  (you can call this reverse engineering if you want). When you consider latent semantic indexing algorithms by search engines, then choosing relevant keywords for your article makes using this tool valuable.  Easy.

Check out this video on how we use the Keyword Theme Extractor tool to create a search engine optimized article.

It can be easy to get tied up with keywords and keyword analysis –  but don’t.

Remember you are writing for humans  so obviously keep the human interest high,  give that high importance in your SEO article and you’ll be glad you did.  Post Panda this is something you would really want to focus on.

If you are really are serious about SEO article writing, you can check out a tool by Michael Marshall called SEORecon – it is expen$$ive, mainly for those doing SEO for a living and generating reports to give their clients.  Just double check that Michael is still around to support you.  I got one of his keyword tools only to be left without any replies for support. We are still trying to get hold of him 🙂

If you are a WordPress user here’s a plugin that will help you optimise your posts quickly. We have used a variety of these tools like SEOPressor, Easy WP SEO and another called  SEO Power but  this is one of the simplest we have found. Called WP SEO Automation no bells and whistles.   Of course, you can do all these manually but for those looking for tools check this out.


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