Writing for Money – Using Revenue Sharing Websites

Looking for another quick way to start writing for money?  – here’s another way to get started.   This is called revenue sharing.

Here’s how it works. You simply post “quality” and “unique” articles to revenue sharing websites (such as Squidoo.com, HubPages.com, Infobarrel.com, eHow.com and the like) and share in the advertising revenue that your pages generate. It’s a bit more involved than just freelance writing gigs but you don’t have to create your own site/blog.

The question arises in that why would you have to share the revenue – why not just create your own blog or site and keep 100% of the revenue? There’s pros and the cons to revenue sharing websites but one of the main reason is really in that – you ride on the reputation/authority of the revenue sharing sites. If you create your own site it takes time to build the reputation, authority and page rank of your site.

How do you make money?

One way you make money is based on the many clicks you get from Ads that are placed on your articles. Simple as this may sound – you do have to provide great value in the articles you share otherwise you defeat the purpose of a recurring income from a good piece of content.

Many people make money from the articles that they write, and the dedicated ones earn quite a lot considering that they don’t even need to write anymore. The problem is in which revenue site to sign-up for. Below, I outline some of the best ones and at the end we tell our recommendation.


Infobarrel is a nice revenue sharing website because they offer you the chance to make money with Google Adsense. They have over 15,000 Facebook fans, so you can be sure that your articles will be read. They make sure that only the best content is published. Infobarrel is one of the best revenue sharing websites, so you should really consider using this site. Don’t forget that Infobarrel allows you to earn exactly 75 percent on each click, so you can make quite a lot of money with Infobarrel compared to other online websites.

• Squidoo.com

Squidoo is another good website that allows you to make money, and works best Amazon products. Using Squidoo does take time to learn but once you get the hang of it, it does become fun, easy and enjoyable to do.

• Bukisa

Bukisa is another kind of website that’s almost the same as Infobarrel, and it’s nice because they have many helpful guidelines to get your articles to be grammatically correct and entertaining. They pay every month, and any writer will find Bukisa to be totally easier to use than sites like Squidoo. The only downside to Bukisa is that they aren’t as recognized as other sites like Inforbarrel, as Infobarrel has tons of visitors and they have a great Alexa rank.

• Helium

If you’d like to brush up on your freelancing skills, Helium is the place to do it. What’s nice about Helium is that the entire site is very easy to use, and they have wonderful sources to get your articles to be a success. Thousands of people visit Helium to gain knowledge, and you can be the one to educate them. What’s nice about Helium is that you not only earn from the monthly revenue, but also from exclusive assignments and performance based on your articles traffic. So, you can earn more money from Helium than you think. With Helium, you can earn thousands of dollars, so signing up to this website is worth the time.

• Xomba

Xomba is another good website, and they offer a wonderful chance for beginning and advanced writers to gain a better online presence. What’s nice about Xomba is that they have wonderful guides just like Bukisa to help inform their writers on making the most amount of money. The only downside is that you only earn 60 percent while Infobarrel gives you 75 percent on all clicks. So, this can be a big turn off for those who were hoping to earn a lot of money.

Obviously our recommended revenue sharing site is Infobarrel.com. There’s a guy named Jason Mayer and he kills it at Infobarrel.com. Check out this table that Jason allowed us to share with you (thanks to Jason for allowing us to share this revenue sharing websites comparison with you). BTW, they have a guide on using Infobarrel at the Warrior Forum – here.

Despite the fact that all of the above websites are good to use, it shows you can easily make the most amount of money by using Infobarrel because of the huge percentage that they offer. For some, they only offer 60 percent or even 50/50, which is ok but not that great. Remember: If you’d like to make the most amount of money possible with revenue sharing sites you’ll need to write lots of content but there’s no better site than Infobarrel in our opinion. Each of the sites above can be considered as micro websites based on how professional Infobarrel is to all of their writers.

Sign-up here for Infobarrel.com today.

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