How To Get More Freelance Writing Jobs Online

If you love to write and have some skills there are many ways that you can get freelance writing jobs online. Some people prefer to write for content mills and yet other are trying to get out of the content mill rut. If you want to find out how to get more freelance writing jobs online, keep reading!

As I mentioned, there are many types of freelance writing jobs online that are available to writers. I’m going to focus on writing for private clients though because I believe that there is more scope for advancement in your career. Don’t get me wrong – content mills work great for some. But not for everyone. I have never enjoyed writing for content mills and while I have signed up for a couple, they are mostly for back up. Others I apply to again and again and just can’t seem to get accepted! I’m just not a content mill type of gal I guess.

What I have been successful at is getting freelance writing jobs with private clients. The first few jobs that I got were mostly a fluke. I think I just lucked out when I applied. But I kept in contact with those people. And those people later turned into great references for even better writing jobs.

Helpful Tips

Over time I have found that there are some things you can do to increase your chances of getting more freelance writing jobs online with private clients. Here are a few of the things that I believe have helped me:


  1. Keep a blog. Don’t just keep any blog though – keep a quality blog that has focus. If you have a blog where you write about your writing and what kind of jobs you are doing and how much you hate the client that did you wrong and how frustrated you get with writing monotonous articles about cleaning up dog poo – stop it!!! This not helping you. In fact, it is likely hurting you. Instead, make sure your blog has well thought out content about one or two specific topics. You might have as much as three or four topics but stop there. It is better to become a specialist in one or two areas than in ten areas. Post on it regularly and make sure the content is informative and well written. With a blog like this, you can refer potential clients to it and not worry if they read that post about your little nervous breakdown.
  2. If you participate on forums, mind your manners. I know that sometimes on forums people think it is more casual and they don’t have to worry as much but if you are online, potential clients are going to find you if they want to. And if they find you on a public forum giving your fellow forum members a good word-lashing they are not going to be impressed and they are not likely to want to do business with you.
  3. Publish good content. Of course you have your blog but you need to have other content online that you can share with potential clients. If you are mostly ghostwriting and need more links to show off, publish at places like EzineArticles, Bukisa, or InfoBarrel. You can kill two birds with one stone by leaving links back to your blog. Guest blogging is another option. Find a blog where you would like to be published and send them an email and ask if you can send them a guest post.
  4. Ask for testimonials and share them on your blog or on other sites like The best way to show that you are a quality writer is to let other people do the talking for you.

If you are interesting in getting more freelance writing jobs online, follow these few tips. And don’t forget to actually apply for jobs. If you are already established, people might come to you, but if not you are going to have to make yourself available!

Danielle McGaw has been writing online for more than 8 years and has written on almost every topic imaginable.  She now writes full-time from home and drinks a lot of coffee.  She shares her thoughts with newer writers in the ebook Freelance Writing Tips for New Writers.

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