Start Writing for Money with Freelance Writing Gigs

One of the simplest way to start writing for money is by doing freelance writing gigs. It’s nothing complicated.  It just requires dedication.

freelance writing gigsGetting freelance writing gigs is one of the best ways to earn supplemental income. Let’s face it, making money in the bricks and mortar world can be tiring. The truth is having a freelance writing career is very possible to do, and as long as you know where to look in order to get those jobs, you can easily make the money you need for the short term and even over the long-term.

Some simple steps to follow to become a freelance writer and start writing for money:

Step 1:  Register with sites that pay you to write (check list of sites below).

Step 2:  Choose your jobs.

Step 3:  Write and finish your task within the given timeframe.

Step 4:  Get paid for your work.

Rinse and repeat.

There’s no reason not to earn by writing. You can make your task faster by using an article writing research software tool.

A lot of full-time work from home marketers started by freelance writing. These people eventually used their earnings to build, market and promote their own blogs and products.

Here’s some sites to get you started with freelance writing gigs:

Here’s how you can start earning with – Register as a writer and write for other people. You can be paid from $1.01 to as high as $15 per article. If you are a newbie, normally, you can be paid $1.01 for 150 word count articles, $1.62  for 300, $2.43 for 500, $4.05 for 700 and higher as the word count is more. However, if you had established yourself and become an elite writer with good rank and ratings, you can earn as much as $15 dollars per article you write regardless of the word count. You may even choose the topic you wish to write.  The great thing with iWriter is the ease of use.  Approval of your work takes a few days at most to immediate (if your article buyer happens to be online waiting). Earnings go to your Paypal account. is similar to  This is a long-standing (not a fly-by-night) freelance writing site that allows writers to earn income by choosing and taking on available projects  posted inside the author’s area.  When you register to write for you are required to provide a sample.  Based upon this sample, you will be rated from two to five stars; with two being the lowest and five being the highest. Obviously, you make more the higher your rating so put your best foot forwared.

Yes you earn money from the comfort of your home.  In order to receive your payments, like you will need to have an active Paypal account.  Your payments will be made every week  once your outstanding balance is greater than $10.  As a writer for you will be able to receive direct orders and be able to write articles for a wide range of topics. has immediate and friendly support that is ready to answer any questions that you may have and you are able to communicate directly with clients who choose to hire you for their project.

Here you post what you have on offer and buyers would place an order. We posted this on Freelance Writers Wanted.

Similar to but this is more focused on freelance writing gigs. It’s virtually a “marketplace” for writers. You post your article writing offers and your rates and buyers get in touch with you.

Tip: Make your offers different. Add greater value to your offer than your competitors. Have a look at popular gigs and better their offer.

Jobs at ProBlogger is a site to get great freelance blogging jobs. On the site, people will personally leave a job within a certain time and date and hope to have a writer like you message them. Finding jobs on this site is esay to do, as navigating throughout the site is easy to accomplish. Remember that it does take time to land the best job possible.

Freelance Writing is an online website that has been giving advice and job opportunities to people like you to finally get started. They’ve been doing this since 1997, and their listings can help you land your first successful freelance writing contract.  So, you can easily find gigs that have just been posted in the past and even today. Just remember to have articles to show for those employers, as they would like to see your work.

Usually you’ll have to send these people some type of past work or old articles that you’ve written.  You can post your sample articles by creating Blog accounts at or

Try to keep on getting in contact with as much employers as possible to get the most amount of freelance opportunities. Produce great material to potentially gain referrals and recurring work.  For a guide on how to create SEO articles, check out our post here:  SEO Article Writing.

Again remember a lot of full-time work from home marketers started their careers working from home by freelance writing.

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