AutoBlog Blueprint – AutoBlog Blueprint Review

Just how good is the new version of AutoBlog Blueprint??

The problem is in that there are so many courses and tools out there on blogging.  Some are good, some are overpriced, some are just after your money and some leave you without any support.

I had a serious look at this program prior to the launch and checked out what other people had to say about this program as well.

Long story short, I went in and purchased it myself. Here’s what I found.

There is a great amount of information, step by step, clarity of instructions is good and better yet the quality of the material is excellent. Mike Johnson, the creator is very good in making auto-Wordpress blogs optimized for speed, performance and of course SEO’mized.

On some topics, you will probably need clarification but I guess that’s what the Facebook group is for.

If you are a newbie, you would have to piece together your prior knowledge with new information and tools to come up with a strategy to build these type of blogs.

Will you find the information at AutoBlog blueprint somewhere else? – probably, but not in one place at least. The way the course integrates everything is great.

Keep in mind that this is “not” a software or a tool, it is what is says it is – a blueprint, a step by step plan. Also, there’s tools that are recommended to do your blog building faster.

Everything is laid out clearly and the quality on information given is great.  What I was after with this program is the plugins, tools and resources being used by Mike.

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