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The Best Article Builder and Writing Software Program

Let’s have a look at article writing software programs. When writing reports or articles for your website or just plain article writing, the number one frustration is time. If only you had enough time (as they say …)

Today, you are going to see how a software can help you write articles.  I’ll show you 4 easy ways on how content creation can be done quickly.

Before we go there, here’s what normally happens.

Two things come into your mind – either  you write (the article) yourself or get someone to write for you.

Which option you choose will usually depend on the purpose or use of the article – i.e. an article that is intended as a core web content page would be done wholly or partially by yourself.

An article to be used for the purpose of article marketing or for link building on the other hand can be a rewritten PLR articles. We’ll discuss this in detail on another post.

Let’s get down to it.

Writing the Article Yourself

Traditionally to start writing, you do your initial research, then create the intro, then the body and finally the conclusion.

The most consuming part of course is the research. You go over heaps and heaps of information. I had used a tool called Copernic Summarizer and Researcher before. This tool helped to summarize websites as well provides options for quick referencing/checking with other sources of information such as encyclopedia’s, news, and niche specific sites. But even using that took a chunk of time.

Avoiding Writer’s Block

Here’s where an article writing software makes things much easier. This software simply creates sentences and paragraphs for you based on your specified topics or sub-topics.

Here’s an example:

You enter a “keyword” to research for material for your introduction. You then use the content provided to give you ideas on what to write.

You then enter another “keyword” to research for material for the body of your article.

You then enter another “keyword” to research for content for the conclusion of your article.

Here we create a better “quality” of article than just copied or duplicate content. The article writing software can be used as a tool for research then create a completely unique content.  Watch it in action here:

You can watch another video of a writing sample here.

The program was developed by Jon Leger. A good bloke who has developed other nifty programs (i.e.  thebestspinner.com etc.) Obviously there are copycats and similar programs but Jon Leger has a good reputation behind stuff he creates.

(It is not uncommon that you have people selling you programs and after a few months disappear in oblivion leaving you with a useless piece of software)

Click here to find out more how you can download this top auto article writing tool.

Now that you have a tool to help you as a freelance writer – check out these pages below and start writing articles for money or alternatively you also can start your own SEO article writing and submission service.

We will definitely see better article writing programs in the future, everything evolves. We’ll update this page as soon as we get to see more of these (bookmark this page below).

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