How to Easily Generate Article Writing Ideas

Looking for ideas on what to write about?

Check out this infographic on ways to generate new ideas for your next article,  some great key points here.  Now, the formatting used to create this piece is not what I would have selected but it works since it is catchy.  The way that the author uses a key phrase and then explains it afterwards helps to understand how to propose context to readers.  Take your time to read thru and reflect and take down notes on what the suggestions inspire you to do ….

The first part is my favorite – Take a Page from Someone Else –  use the inspiration of  others to be your driving force for creativity and direction.

The other helpful tip that I find most useful is to use both your successes and failures in your writings in order to “connect” on a personal level with the audience.

The more creative a writer can be, by using examples from books, movies, and music, the more engaging their writings will be.

22 Ways to Create Compelling Content - Infographicfreelance writing article ideas
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