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When you hear article marketing, what comes into mind could be submitting to EZA or GoArticles, or other similar article directories?

Given that – what is the best article submitter software for these type of submissions?

Before we go there – let’s put things into perspective first:

that article submission should be part of your strategy and not the entire strategy, gone are the days when you can solely rely on article marketing submission to article directories to get your site moving in the the search engines

Update: Post Panda – you will most likely have to double if not triple your efforts on submission to article directories as this method has been quite discounted recently. Going forward, getting links from highly relevant and/or quality pages would be best to be included in your strategy (you can always check where the top SERPs pages are getting their links from).

When we hear stories about article submitter software or programs, there seems to be a common theme: they are all buggy and no one can seem to perfect a software for this task.

True. There is no submission software with a 100% sucsess rate.

Given that – there are few notable programs on the market that are worth it’s salt. We are not talking about programs like Magic Article Submitter or Incansoft’s Article bot. Sure these programs allow you to register to over 500 plus sites or whatever but the question lies in how many of your links stick or even do they actually get posted 🙂

Here’s one of the notables. Article Marketing Robot:  is a one off  fee (Vince – the creator has skipped the monthly fee for now) and it submits to tons of directories including Article Friendly, Article Dashboard, WordPress Articles, Articles MS and more.

Top level directories are included like EZA. You can submit to all or you can edit the ones you want to submit to. The program signs you up automatically to each directory you submit an article to.

It has spinner functionality (if you don’t have one). We all want unique articles (well as unique as possible anyway) when we submit articles.

What is great about this software is that it tells you the URLs that your links were located. You can log in after a few days to pull your live articles and if you so wish use various indexing methods to index those articles/blog posts.

Blog posts? – yes the program submits to WordPress Blogs that make use of article directory plugins.

Now, you can always say that Unique Article Wizard is the best article submission software. That is true – if you are willing to pay the monthly fee, otherwise you’re looking at Article Marketing Robot.

You can try it for yourself here for a trial version.

We’ll update this post on another article submitter program, it is priced higher though 🙁

Whatever you decide on keep in mind that going forward grabbing back links from “good neighbourhood” sites is the way to go. We’ll do a post on this soon.

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