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Options Using Article Rewriter Software and Programs

There are so many article rewriting software and programs that have come and have gone that I have lost track. From programs which gives you synonyms to choose and replace to paragraphs to choose and replace as well. Then there’s the translation trick – where you translate the article to another language then back to the english – lol, what weird things we have to go thru just to make our content unique 🙂

However where there’s a need so does the solution arise. And yes, technology again comes to the rescue.

Call it an article rewriter or an article spinner software it does what it needs to do – avoid duplicate content and create unique articles/content (well almost).

Here’s my take on this.

First of all, I don’t use an article rewriter for main/core web pages.  I use them for articles that are meant for  submission to article directories  (i.e. article marketing – for obvious reasons).

There’s three ways of doing this:

Either you do them yourself or get it done by others or you use an article rewriter software program.

First option:
Get others to do it for you – What they do is simply reword or reparahrase each sentence that you send them. Their rates vary starting from about .14 per sentence of rewrite. So it can cost money if you are doing heaps of articles. We use the services of HumanRewriter – we now use HumanSpinner for this. Weblink: HumanSpinner (note: HumanRewriter has gone bust – nowhere to be found – we now use HumanSpinner.com, much cheaper too!).

Second Option: (best quality, I would say)
Do them yourself. How? – the same way the paid for service to do it themselves. If you do it yourself you simply read and “understand” the idea behind a sentence or paragraph then rewrite them under your own words. So, doing this does not limit you to change things sentence by sentence. You can rewrite your article “thought” by “thought” and even rearrange the order. If you still need more details on this, Peggy Baron sells an ebook about it all at her site: AllStarPLR.com

Third Option:
The use of an article rewriter software.  Based on our experience (and we have tried a bunch of them since this concept came around a few years back) we would consider two option.  One is  ContentBoss.com The advantage of ContentBoss is that it comes with database of PLR articles you can use.  They have an upgrade option to have rewritten articles automatically post to your blog via WordPress remote publishing – this upgrade did not work for us though – the posted articles required too much manual rewriting still.

The drawback to this program is the monthly fee. Unless you use the program regularly then the cost may not justify it’s end. You can find out more about this service at their site: ContentBoss.article rewriter software

If you are after an article rewriter without a database of articles to use and without the monthly subscription.  Then go for The Best Spinner (it does have a yearly renewal but it still comes out cheaper). You can’t go wrong on this one.

Check out their video at The Best Spinner.

We have also tried SpinChimp but The Best Spinner is still our choice for ease of use and features. They have just released a new update though so – stay tuned.

Keep in mind that we have not come across any program that rewrites articles in a fully automated way – human intervention is still needed to double check rewrite results (even if  this can be outsourced).

Everything evolves and we will definitely see better article rewriting options in the future. We’ll update this page as soon as we get to test these – don’t forget to bookmark this page below.  Click on share below if you found this post useful.