101+ Online Writing Jobs

If you want quick answers to getting started in Freelance Writing then here’s a cheap resource to check out.

Entitled: Freelance Writing Jobs: 101+ Online Writing Jobs! (Work From Home) [Kindle Edition] by: Lee Mellott.

It’s not really just a list of 101+ writing jobs but includes information on getting organized, things to be wary of,  payment options for your writing work, showcasing your work and more.

So there’s really a lot of places where you can get paid to write online. We have a list of these here and here but this  book should be able to give more than enough places to get started.

There’s a lot of free information on the net but if you are looking for a resource file to keep and refer to then this should help.

Go ahead check it out with Amazon you have an option to read some of the chapters just like if you were in a real bookstore.

 image credit:  Amazon

Note:  Though it’s a Kindle book you don’t need a Kindle device to read this.  There’s a Kindle for PC free program, Apps for smartphones and tablets and you can even read these via your browser using Kindle cloud reader.


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